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When you retain a criminal defense attorney who has experience as a prosecutor, you are getting an attorney that can draw on her experience and knowledge of handling cases from "both sides of the aisle." A criminal defense attorney who is a former prosecutor may have intimate knowledge of the criminal process from both "sides." When you have a former prosecutor representing you, you may have a number of advantages when facing criminal charges.

Prosecutors work behind the scenes with police and have first-hand knowledge of law enforcement investigative techniques and police procedure in investigating cases, collecting and processing evidence. Knowledge of law enforcement procedure may provide a criminal defense attorney with insight into substantive and procedural issues that may form the basis for an effective defense.

Prosecutors work in the District Attorney's Office and in the courtroom handling large numbers of different kinds of criminal cases on a daily basis. A former prosecutor has worked in the "trenches" day in and day out and can draw from that experience to recognize and highlight issues in the prosecution's case in chief.

A prosecutor negotiates with criminal defense attorneys each day in court. A former prosecutor may know how to negotiate effectively with the other side because she was on the "other side". A former prosecutor may have personal experience and insight into the participants in the criminal justice system including the police, probation, prosecutors, criminalists and expert witnesses. The more insight a criminal defense attorney has, the better result may be achieved for her client.

As a former prosecutor of 30 years, Christine McGuire defends persons charged with such crimes as DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, Drug Charges, Theft Charges, Vehicular Homicide, Hit and Run, Juvenile Crimes, Manslaughter and Murder.

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