Campus Misconduct

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At The McGuire Law Office, our San Jose criminal defense attorney, Christine McGuire, represents clients who have been accused of campus misconduct, including campus sexual assault. Having experienced representation can help ensure your rights are protected. Attorney McGuire is passionate about defending clients against allegations of campus misconduct. She will work hard to defend you. Even if no criminal charges are filed, a campus misconduct hearing can result in severe penalties, such as expulsion, suspension and a mark on your transcript. Call The McGuire Law Office today for diligent legal services.

Types of Campus Misconduct

Campus misconduct may involve a variety of actions. Students who commit crimes, violate school policies or assault other students may face charges of campus misconduct. Title IX violations also count as campus misconduct, and having experienced representation by our San Jose criminal defense lawyer can provide you the defense you need.

Campus Misconduct Hearings

When a college becomes aware of a complaint of sexual misconduct, assault, violation of school policies, or criminal activities, it must take immediate and thorough action. This may involve a disciplinary hearing, which does not provide the same rights as a criminal proceeding. That is why an investigation in some instances may be so important. Evidence that can be used in support of your defense can be witness interviews, photographs, videos, text messages.

If you have been involved in an incident that could result in allegations of sexual assault, or you have been accused of violating campus rules or committing a crime on or off campus, it is important to obtain legal assistance as soon as possible. This can help build your defense for the disciplinary hearing. Call (408) 214-0626 The McGuire Law Office today.

Attorney Christine McGuire of The McGuire Law Office, has more than 30 years of legal experience. As a former prosecutor, she knows how the other side thinks. From start to finish, she will use meticulous investigative techniques and aggressive representation to defend you.

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