Title IX Accusations: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

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Title IX regulations require colleges and universities to take immediate action to investigate accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence that occur on campus or involve a student. These investigations can often result in the accused student being suspended or even expelled.

If your academic career is on the line due to accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence under Title IX, you need a law office that can aggressively fight for you. These accusations can result in suspension or even expulsion, whether you are arrested for a crime and forensic or corroborating evidence even exists.

Why Hire the McGuire Law Office?

The McGuire Law Office aggressively represents clients charged with serious crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault and is dedicated to defending students charged with Title IX accusations.

The McGuire Law Office has represented students charged with Title IX Accusations at the University of California, Cal State, community community colleges and private universities.

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If you’ve been accused of a Title IX Violation, The McGuire Law Office is ready to fight for you. To request your consultation, contact the San Jose office today.

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