Title IX Accusations: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence

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Title IX regulations require colleges and universities to take immediate action to investigate accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence that occur on campus or involve a student. These investigations can often result in the accused student being suspended or even expelled.

The Chancellor of UCSC wrote a letter to the UCSC community on December 8, 2015 regarding significant changes that came into effect with the New Year. The University of California has updated its methods of disciplining students who are found responsible for violations of Title IX policy as it relates to sexual violence. This includes a mandatory minimum of a two-year suspension for violations of the sexual violence policy, and a one-year mandatory suspension for other acts of sexual misconduct. All 10 UC campuses will be implementing these same standards, requirements, and minimum suspensions.

The procedures implemented by the University of California provide for investigating reports of sexual violence, reviewing the findings, and sanctioning recommendations by the Student Conduct office. The decision can be appealed by both the complainant and the respondent. The new regulations went into effect on January 1, 2016.

If your academic career is on the line due to accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence under Title IX, you need a law office that can aggressively fight for you. These accusations can result in suspension or even expulsion, whether or not you are arrested for a crime and forensic or corroborating evidence even exists.

Title IX procedures vary from school to school. For instance, procedures for the University of California Title IX investigation vary from procedures for community college investigations and private universities. Some procedures for instance do not permit students to call live witnesses in their defense during the investigation phase of the Title IX investigation. Some procedures do not permit access to investigation reports during the investigative stage. Students who are facing criminal accusations may not be entitled to delay the investigation to protect their Fifth Amendment rights.

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The McGuire Law Office aggressively represents clients charged with serious crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault and is dedicated to defending students charged with Title IX accusations and Student Conduct Violations. With extensive experience representing clients charged with sexual assault and domestic violence, Title IX accusations and Student Conduct accusations, you can trust Attorney Christine McGuire to handle your case with the understanding and efficiency it deserves.

The process of investigating Title IX violations involve lax rules regarding evidence, including the admissibility of evidence that would not be admitted in a criminal proceeding. The accused may not be permitted to directly question the complainant and statements by witnesses or other accusers may be admitted against you. The McGuire Law Office has represented numerous clients accused of serious sexual crimes and has conducted pre filing investigations of sexual assault and domestic violence with success.

According to Title IX of the Education Amendment, educational institutions are required to investigate and address issues relating to sexual discrimination, including assault, separate from any legal or criminal procedures. This means that students and faculty members accused of sexual assault or other conduct that violates Title IX may face student conduct hearings in addition to criminal and judicial action.

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